10 Things You Can Do To Make Life About Living (If You Aren’t Already)

July 15, 2017 • By

A friend of mine is going through terminal illness with her dad. She’s an amazing runner, athlete and mother and is normally very involved in the local race circuit. Some of her recent social media posts about life and relationships have really touched me and motivated me to write this list today. Life is truly about relationships and as we head into this weekend, I hope you will cherish yours and aim to be the happiest you possible!
Are you one of those people who’s fixated on the past? Trying to be what you used to be or get back to a certain place you were in? Or are you the opposite (ugh, my tendency)? Focused more on the future (I tend to get anxious so I’m always thinking ahead) than today? Well, neither are ideal and being present in the moment is the goal, so here’s the list I compiled to make life more about LIVING!

1. Eat one meal a day together (with family or roommates or even just your pet). Instead of asking the usual, play a game of “something you don’t know about me.” You’d be surprised what you may learn about what’s going on in your kids’ lives or about your husband of 10+ years.

2. Plan doing something active as a family you’ve never tried. Is your kid an expert (or better than the rest of you) at a sport or activity? Have them coach the family! Or try kayaking, rollerblading, tandem bicycling, rollerskating or something fun that’s active, too, that the whole family can participate in.

3. #getoutside via hiking, biking, running, walking (or whatever you can still do in your neck of the woods) and explore parts of your city you’ve never seen. These jungle-y trails are within a mile of my house and I never knew!

4. Set an “unplugged” time every day for the family and commit to it. Agree on a time and put away phones, ipads, and computers. If you miss an email, message or comment on social media, it’s just that. Don’t miss valuable time with your family.

5. Capture memories with photos but don’t let picture taking capture your life. It’s great to document trips, activities and milestones. But don’t forget to actually experience the memories you are trying to photograph for share or memory purposes! If a picture isn’t posed and isn’t perfect, it was still a memory. You can laugh about it later.

6. Take 10 minutes to yourself per day phone free to relax and just breathe or do a devotional to set the tone for the day. Depending on your spirituality, prayer and devotion may not be for you. But quieting your mind sets the precedence for positivity and patience each day.

7. Say “no” to something. Stop adding to your plate of stress and realize you were asked in the first place and given the option to say “yes” or “no.”

8. Compliment yourself (on something that doesn’t have to do with your appearance) and compliment someone else. Often, we are the hardest on ourselves. Start seeing yourself as others do and see what draws others to you.

9. Hold your partners hand without being prompted. Betting it will make him/her smile, possibly take them by surprise and is a wonderful nonsexual way of showing affection.

10. Call your parents/grandparents. (Or aunt, uncle or other older relative). Now, before you comment! You just might make their day!

Which ones are good reminders? Which ones do you already do? Which ones have you not thought of? How are you going to LIVE more starting this weekend?



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