December 1, 2015 • By

I’m trying to cross train more because of my injury prone-ness.  So today was a big day for me in that regard.  Not only did I run a run/swim brick (which I’ve only done once before), because let’s be real… I’ve only swam a few times in open water and twice before today in a pool, but I ran a FAST 3 miles and swam a mile!  I swam a whole mile!  64 laps in a 25m pool to be exact!

Did the swim feel great?  No.  It was hard, I kept getting water in my ears, and I kept messing my strokes up (I’m a four stroke, then breathe kind of girl) when I got fatigued.  As I swam I kept thinking, “I will not drown,” and I kept looking thinking about this strong capable body God has given me.  No matter that it wasn’t pretty, there was such a sense of accomplishment to completing something I’ve never done before.  That’s where the feeling of success about today comes from.

Runner girl

And prior to the swim, I tested out my new Skora Tempo running shoes (which were amazing save for the rubbing on my heels).  I haven’t run since Saturday’s 10 miler and had no expectations for today’s run except to try to not hurt anything.  Not sure if it was the time off, the fact that I haven’t been doing as many miles or maybe the lucky shoes but I ran the 3 miles faster than my last 5K!  I felt fabulous!  Fast!!! Pain free (granted I started a medrol dose pack today but this was before that and only with over the counter anti inflammatories).  Oh, I hope to feel that speed again, soon!

garmin watch

My main point in writing this is to say that when you doubt your abilities or doubt yourself, in life or in your sport, heart and determination sometimes go a long way.  I set out today to do something I’ve never done before with the inclination to not finish until I accomplished it.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my happy workout day with you all.  What’s a recent happy moment in your training you’ve had?