Are YOU Resolute?

January 9, 2016 • By

It’s the 9th of January.  A little over a week after the new year has begun.  Many people made fitness related New Year’s Resolutions, me included.  Mine are below.

2016 running goals

But now that it’s one week plus in, are you losing resolve?  Are old habits coming back?  Are you not as enthused?  I’m truly curious about human nature.

I had a great first week back to running after my 3 week break.  While I didn’t get to log my “long run” today because of a sinus infection, the meds will hopefully kick in and I’ll knock it out tomorrow.  That annoys the analytical part of me that likes to see my weekly mileage numbers a certain way but I’ll have to get over that and remember #2 above.  To be running healthy this year.

My week looked like this:

  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: 8 miles 8:58 pace

trail runner

  • Tuesday: 1 hour Stair Climber Machine, 100 push-ups and 3 sets of 3 min planks
  • Wednesday: 3 mile trail run with Jessica S. 8:22 pace followed up immediately by 3 mile treadmill run to work on cadence 9:12 pace and 3 sets of 2 ab exercises 10-15 reps (exercise ball in and out rolls and oblique raises off bench).

garmin watch

  • Thursday: 1 hour Stair Climber Machine, biceps/triceps/shoulders workout.
  • Friday: 6 mile run 8:40 pace
  • Saturday: (planned 10 mile run postponed to Sunday)

*** Weekly Run Total: 20 miles (supposed to be 30).  5 days of workouts/missed one planned workout.

I can be disappointed or I can think about my GOALS and what it is going to take to achieve them.  My health/listening to my body has to be a priority and really should have been written as my #1 goal.

trail running friends

Have you had bumps in the road yet?  Are they tangible ones like illness or injury?  Or are they mental ones?  Do you not believe you are capable of the goals you set in front of yourself?

My suggestion is when you start feeling this way … remember who you are making the goals/dreams for in the first place.  YOU.  And who is worthy of the effort it will take to accomplish them.  YOU.  If you change nothing, nothing will change.  So, like me, put your big girl panties on tomorrow and get to work!