Ab Workout of the Week

June 10, 2016 • By

Here is this week’s ab video! I knocked this routine out prior to jogging 6 miles nice and slow on the treadmill in my new Pearl Izumi EM: Road M3s! For those of you following me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve been trying to post one of these a week.  I’m also posting them on here so you can access them easier.

This is a pretty high intensity but super effective ab series! Don’t be intimidated and don’t quit trying!

1. 12 reps Russian twists with center reach in between holding 10 lb weight (1 rep is left, center, right)
2. 12 plank jacks starting with hands together and feet out (modify out out, in, in if the jumping is to hard on your joints)
3. 3 second V press hold (modify do with back against wall if this is too hard)

* Repeat entire routine 2 more times.

Rest 30 seconds – 1 minute between rounds.

Share with friends you think may enjoy!  If there is any muscle group you’d like to me to show a video on, comment below!