Beginner Running Tips and Schedule

October 27, 2015 • By

So I know some of my readers may not love running like I do, or maybe they want to love it, but continuous running can be overwhelming. I also am helping my sister with her weight loss journey, and I know firsthand that you can’t just jump into running a 5k unless you are already doing some intense cardio already, have a track/running background, or are just looking to injure yourself. The Couch to 5k program is an excellent one and I recommend it but I know around week 5 or 6 it has you go from run/walking to no walking and for some that’s just not doable or if they do, they are doing it at virtually a fast walk pace … and then they get discouraged. Here is basically a modified Couch to 5K that I created (and a way of running for beginners) that is totally doable so that the endurance can be achieved. Here are also my tips for getting started.

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  • TIP 1 – You are you’re biggest enemy.  Our heads mess with us when it comes down to the mind games we play. “I can’t do this.” “It’s too hard.” “I’m not a runner, really.” “My body hurts.” “What was I thinking?” “What do I really think this is going to accomplish?” “I have to stop.” Yes, I know these thoughts, because I’ve thought them, too. Outside of when a real injury (my body hurts thought is legit), impedes your training, the others (and more) are just hindrances to your progress, but normal. You just have to start believing that you are worth enough to make these changes in your life. “Yes, it’s hard, but the payoff will be worth it.” “Yes, I want to stop, but I won’t be near as satisfied when I’m finished.”
  • TIP 2 – Starting is the hardest part.  Contrary to what you think (getting through the middle or even finishing), getting your shoes on and the motivation to get out the door is the most difficult part of running and what it takes to make it a lifestyle/habit!  Unless you’re being chased or paid, the idea of choosing to leave the house at an ungodly hour and log miles seems completely insane, right?  Welcome to the insanity club.
  • TIP 3 – Remember WHY you decided to start running in the first place.  Everyone’s reason is individual.  Maybe it’s to lose weight, maybe it’s to get in better shape, maybe it’s for personal “me” time, maybe it’s for performance (to get faster), or perhaps it’s to become a part of a community of like-minded people and feel a part of something. The running community is big and very accepting and your local running stores /running clubs are a great place to meet new friends.
  • TIP 4 – Make a goal.  Whether it be a local 5k or a half marathon or even just a specific distance on a specific day (if races aren’t your thing). Set a goal and stick to it so you have a reason to train! Then, as you hit your goals, assess them and change them to continue to challenge yourself! There are plenty of resources on the web to help with this or your local running stores can help or lots of people like me are happy to offer up suggestions. Goals make you work towards something and working towards something gives you a sense of accomplishment. These feelings are so vital to your well being and will aid so much in yoall ur overhappiness as a person. Consider these small victories as individual successes. Not to be compared to anyone else but with your own personal bests. If you make running about competition with others, it takes so much out of those feelings of personal success. I’ve seen it first hand, and it can get ugly. This is your journey and your run/race.


Click this pdf and it will pop up!  beginner running schedule

Can you do this? Yes. Will you do it, is the question.I hope to hear from some of you and welcome any feedback. Please know I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be. Please do not start an exercise program without your doctor’s consent if you aren’t certain you are physically up to this.