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Revel Mt. Charleston Half Race Recap

May 1, 2018 • By

Since I know these are mainly for me, I’ll try to keep this informative yet brief. My Mt. Charleston Half race this past weekend went amazing! It was great setting a goal and basically accomplishing it! I also got to see where my fitness is at and conquered my biggest hurdle – my mental game! I feel like my mojo is back!!!


finish line

2017 Cowtown Half Marathon Race Recap

March 1, 2017 • By

This past Sunday I had the awesome experience of running the Cowtown Half marathon! Not only did I get to run it, I ran it with one of my best girl friends, Amanda Brewer. She is such a talented runner and she opted to run it by my side and I’m so grateful to her for sticking by me when she could have gone ahead! We had such a great race and honestly ran faster than I thought we would have run given my training of late with my acute kidney failure and lack of speed training. I am so thankful to Muscle Milk for their sponsorship and for the ability to represent Team Maddie and raise awareness for organ donorship.READ MORE


NYC Marathon Race Recap

November 16, 2016 • By

*** WARNING – extremely long post (probably full of grammar and spelling errors). I could have broken it into separate posts but it’s done now. ***

“This is not a PR course. Go out there and take it all in and enjoy it!” I had continually heard that in all of my NYC Marathon prep, even before getting injured. So this recap is not the usual, “I had the race of my life,” or “I did way better than expected,” recap. It is an honest retelling of my NYC weekend and my emotions and experience given the cards I was dealt leading up to the race. And what an experience it was! I honestly anticipated a Chicago Marathon type atmosphere, but really wasn’t prepared for what I’d encounter. The hype, the people, the crowds and the emotions! This trip was truly a once in a lifetime destination race and even though I wasn’t able to “race” it, just running it was such a gift.


seawheeze medal

Seawheeze Half Marathon Race Recap

August 21, 2016 • By

*** Big thanks to Jodi Friedman, friend and fellow Seawheeze runner who gave me many of the pictures in this post.  Follow her on IG @Liquify_me if you love fitness and Lululemon!***

I mentioned I would recap this race and I’ve been slow going.  But here it is!

Last Saturday, I ran the Seawheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver.  It was my second time to run this race (I did it in 2014) and this year did not disappoint. Dustin was supposed to have run with me but due to his foot injury that has him out of running for the rest of the year, he just went in the support role.  We also met up with friends, Travis and Stephanie HollmanREAD MORE