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VO2 and Lactate Testing

April 19, 2018 • By

Have you ever wondered how many calories you actually burn running slow versus fast? What about wondering if you are eating enough or training too hard? Or wanted to know about your metabolism and fat burn capabilities? I have and was fortunate to get to have VO2 and lactate testing done with Tommy of Triple Threat Tough as a part of my partnership with Tri Shop.



Diastasis Recti and Running

April 4, 2018 • By

“I still look pregnant and I’m not. What can I do for my abs?” Have you ever asked this (or a variation of this question)? One of the things I rarely talk about when it comes to abs (and I do talk abs a lot) is about my Diastasis Recti. I suppose I didn’t realize it was still a concern (stay with me as this does have to do with running), but my physical therapist has warned me that my core, and lack there of, could be contributing to some of my running kinetic chain issues. I’ve also been asked by some of you if I experienced it during/after pregnancy, what I did to correct it, and what you can do.READ MORE


Sporting “Sport” – Making the RUN Look Work All Day

March 22, 2018 • By

*** Disclaimer: I received the items I reviewed in this blog post free of charge as part of my partnership with Road Runner Sports. My opinions and review are all mine and are not influenced by Road Runner Sports and Nike in any manner. ***

We live life on the go. It’s a sad but true fact. Whether you stay at home or work outside the home, chances are you aren’t sitting on your tush working on your manicure during the day. Just fitting in your workout is hard enough and getting in a shower (if you are lucky enough to even get one) before your hubby gets home (in my case) is a victory! I got so much great feedback about my last 5 non running items I purchased post (2 blog posts back, click link) but a few people emailed me and said that they rarely get out of their running clothes. So today’s post is all about how to transition your running clothes into day wear, and still be appropriate enough to meet a friend for lunch or pick the kids up at school!READ MORE


Why Can’t You Run Faster (or Farther)?

March 18, 2018 • By

Have you been wondering why your running has been stagnant? Why your race times are either not getting better, or possibly even getting worse? I’ve been in this zone for a few years, with a few decent races and a whole heck of a lot of injury. Common thought would be to run less because my body can’t “handle” higher mileage and some people tell me I’m just getting older. My coach actually disagrees. And considering she’s an Olympic qualifier, I will take her advice and encouragement and pass it on to you. READ MORE

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What’s Your Run Return?

March 6, 2018 • By

You only do something if the return is worth it, right? Think about why you run and what it gives you. The reason is different for us all. For me, way back when (in the era of DSL and dial up) I started running because my track coach thought I was good at it. It felt good to be recognized for something I’d never thought of as a strength (especially with severe asthma). I kept at it in college and increased my distance to keep my weight stable and be able to eat what I wanted. It’s funny though how that reason has evolved over time.READ MORE