Dallas Half Marathon Race Recap

December 14, 2015 • By

I was sitting at the doctor’s office the Saturday before the half getting a rocephin shot, a kenalog shot and a prescription for a z-pack thinking why now?  But I wasn’t going to let a sinus infection stand in the way of my desire to have a good half.  I had had such a promising performance at That Dam Half with a 1:48 that a 1:45 didn’t seem that out of the question especially considering my 10 mile training runs have been consistently between 8:15-8:30.

But after my RRCA coaching course, there’s a few things I can take away from this race knowing “why” 1:45 didn’t happen and how I can get there next time.  (and #1, I knew already)  First, let me say, I had a decent, nothing to be ashamed about time of 1:53:15.  (8:39/mile)  Did I negative split, no … tsk, tsk, tsk.

I can’t expect to hit goals if:

  1. I run with pain.  I had a sinus infection, yes, but I have been nursing bilateral hamstring pain for years, that has more recently become nearly debilitating.  I see my chiropractor once a week, am on steroid treatment and prescription anti inflammatory medication for it, and need trigger point treatment on it daily.
  2.  My base mileage is there but I need to add CONSISTENT speed and strength workouts to my schedule in conjunction with my endurance work.  (ie fartleks on Tuesday and intervals like 6x800s at 10k pace on Thursday).
  3.  I need to examine my LSR pace.  For runs over 75 minutes, I should be running 1 minute slower than goal pace (or no faster than an 8:45 pace).  I’ve been running faster than that.

What I’ve probably been doing is training in the wrong zone for my LSRs and not running my tempo runs for long enough combined with running injured.  So yesterday, during the race, I hit lactate threshold too fast and I didn’t have enough “gas in the tank” for ease of understanding to finish the race strong, like I did in October.

Dallas Half Runner

It was still a fun experience, albeit a wet one.  I don’t think the rain let up for more than about a mile or two of the whole half.  We waited around for an hour in rain, not drizzle, and just before the start, it actually stopped!  For 5 minutes.  We thought it was a sign but the rain came down again.  And by this point we were already soaked.  My shoes and socks were so wet that I could feel a blister forming on my second toe by mile 2.  At mile 3, I really felt my hamstrings (darn prescriptions weren’t working) and by mile 7 I felt the feeling that you feel when you know you can’t get any faster.  I suppose it’s defeat, but I really just wanted to stop from getting slower.  I really wanted to get a sub 1:50 and was trying hard to keep pace with 8:34/mile.


dallas big

My splits which vary from offiicial time because of my running around puddles, etc, so my distance tracked further, are as follows:

Splits Time Cumulative Time Moving Time Distance Elev Gain Elev Loss
1 8:10.5 8:10.5 8:03 1.00 31
2 8:03.5 16:14 7:56 1.00 9 6
3 8:29.5 24:44 8:25 1.00 27 10
4 8:20.0 33:04 8:18 1.00 10 7
5 8:24.7 41:28 8:21 1.00 23 54
6 8:47.2 50:15 8:45 1.00 52
7 8:33.4 58:49 8:32 1.00 44
8 8:37.6 1:07:26 8:36 1.00 30
9 8:44.5 1:16:11 8:39 1.00 22
10 8:43.7 1:24:55 8:41 1.00 70
11 8:39.7 1:33:34 8:38 1.00 23
12 8:52.2 1:42:27 8:46 1.00 17
13 8:50.4 1:51:17 8:49 1.00 13
14 2:04.7 1:53:22 2:01 0.28 16
Summary 1:53:22 1:53:22 1:52:30 13.28 238 237

They’re ugly.  But I had a great time with friends.  And they all had fabulous races, despite the awful weather.  I’m so proud of them all.  I woke up today sore and called my orthopedic doctor first thing.  Bilateral cortisone injections are scheduled for Thursday and I’m sure a period of rest is on the books for me, too.  I welcome it though, if it means I’ll feel better and perform better.


Are you ever completely satisfied with your race performance?  Wondering if we ever are…