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This is not advice.  This is just my experience that might rub off on you.  To try something new, and if you’re local, to possibly give Zyn22 a try.  Most people who are runners, or have a friend or family member who is a runner know that we push hard, put lots of (sometimes unnecessary) mileage on our bodies and rarely listen to advice.  That’s why I started this off with “this is not advice.”  I’d have lost a lot of you…. 🙂  But being that I’m bullheaded and stubborn in my running ways,  that’s why it took over a month for me to take my friend Stephanie’s “advice” to finally try out Zyn22 Southlake earlier this month. 

You hear ZYN22 and you may think this is just another Soul Cycle or Fly Wheel.  But it’s different in that it’s truly a unique experience!  From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted by the Z Squad, who make every effort to assist riders and get to know them personally.  They also offer FREE shoe rentals and all their bikes/dome/studio facilities are top of the line.  A spin instructor from just any gym could not just go and be a top trained ZYNstructor.  Because it’s not just spinning!

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So who’s behind this unique experience?  Co-founder Melissa Page is not only a fitness fanatic but she’s a 20 year drill team director at Southlake Carroll. So she brings her blend of toughness and knowledge of dance to her Zyn choreography. She and husband Mark Page founded ZYN22 in January 2015 to not only give riders a great workout, but also to inspire them to achieve their very best.

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The first class I attended was a special 90’s spin and we had a big group of friends go and make it our “girls night!” About 20 of us pedaled alongside the other 20 filled up bikes and Mel, our instructor.  I grabbed a front row bike.  I mean how hard could it be?  (I love to see the instructors well during fitness classes, no matter how awful I am).  I realized then though that I didn’t quite have “the hang” of it yet, that this wasn’t my normal Les Mills RPM spin class that I was accustomed to at the gym.  There is a level of coordination required for putting together spinning and synchonized moves, which I assumed with my dance/cheer background I’d master quickly but it definitely took some time to get the swing of things!  Since that first class, I’ve gone to another class taught by Kay.  I felt much more confident and was better prepared for what was in store for me. And yes, I grabbed a front row bike!

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In the usual 45 minute Zyn22 class, students ride in a stadium like “dome” and can expect to do choreographed, high-resistance intervals and climbs mostly out of the saddle, with the lights varying in intensity and color (very cool not crazy).  Did I mention out of the saddle?  I don’t mean the break you get during a normal spin class after you’ve had a hard climb and need to take the load off your legs.  I mean hovering over the seat, feeling your quads burn for numerous songs.  If that doesn’t appeal to the runners reading this, I don’t know what does.  Pain?  I might feel pain?  I’m in!  Haha, just kidding.  It’s not bad pain, just muscle shaking, brow sweating, awesome feel your legs burn kind of pain!  There is also an arm weight strength training section where you grab the weights you picked out at the beginning of the class and utilize them in an intense no-break arm workout.  I grabbed the middle weight dumbbells the first class and they weren’t heavy enough for my enormous guns, so I grabbed the heaviest ones at my last class and I got sore the next day.  The zen section towards the end allows you to channel your energy and meditate; some even close their eyes. The lighting in the studio itself at this time is very dim with all the candles blown out except for one at the front of the room.


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I know what my fellow runners are thinking.  But is it challenging enough for us?  Surprisingly, it is!  I was dripping sweat by the end of the class and, like a lot of classes, it is what you make of it.  The resistance knob is yours to do what you want with. The weight of the dumbbells you select will also make a difference and the range of motion you put into the choreography along with contracting your muscles to really feel the benefit of each move is all up to YOU.


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They do not offer child care but suggest that you utilize this time as non interrupted “you time” away from all the outside stresses.  And kids, even in a kids club, can be stresses.  At the Southlake location, they DO have a “partnership” with Adventure Kids  right down the road for 20% off the drop in rate/hour (so $6/hour per child).  That’s good to know.  No cell phones are allowed inside either, so if you want a “selfie or it didn’t happen,” grab it before the door to the dome closes or after class.  Definitely wear your fitness tracking smart watch and see how you will burn 600-800 calories in each session!

They have a hip fitness and fashion boutique in the front with stylish, yet functional active wear and accessories and a locker room that rivals the Four Seasons.  Equipped with showers, hair dryers, and some toiletries, you have no excuse for not fitting a workout in during your busy day.

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Ok, so how much is it going to cost?  The first ride is FREE!  Every ride thereafter is $19/class.  They don’t try to sucker you into a membership, instead have a pay as you go mentality.  But there are bundle ride packages available for purchase at a discounted rate if you sign up for them on your first visit.  The more classes in the bundle, the greater the discount.  You leave Zyn22 feeling no pressure. (prices shown below are subject to change)

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So I’m so proZYN22, is there anything I can think of that could improve??? The childcare issue, especially for the Southlake studio (hello, SAHMs), is the main issue why I can’t make it to more rides and the main reason more of my friends have been slower to jump on the boutique cycling wagon.  I have to work around my husband’s work schedule or only go on the weekends to make it happen.  I have the same issue with Bikram Yoga and definitely don’t go as much as I want because I’m at the mercy of when I can have someone watch the kids for me.  The big girls group that went for a girls’ night, loved that we could do something active and still hang out but when we discussed buying the packages that was the #1 obstacle for all 20 of them.  We also all have children 7 years old and under so I don’t see this as always being a problem.  Outside of that, I really wouldn’t change a thing!

ZYN22 is a home grown company with roots in DFW so when you are thinking which cycle studio to choose, consider that.  They have locations all across the metroplex including Fort Worth, Southlake, Dallas – Uptown and Dallas – Park Lane.

I would love to hear if you try it or have tried it and what you think!  I got a 7 class package so I’m excited to keep at it!  If you’re interested in joining me ever, I’d be happy to ZYN with you!



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