Guest Blog Post – “Update on my journey” and week 2 of meal plan

November 9, 2015 • By

This blog post is an update on my sister, Jennifer’s weight loss journey.  If you missed that post, read it here My weight loss journey – The beginning.  These are written by her.  She is 38 and lives in San Jose, California with her son, Dallas.

We all have those days.  Days when it’s after 6 pm and the game plan is to eat healthy leftovers.  But you’re tired.  You’re trying to do everything right, wear so many hats – hit the gym early, be a good employee, be an engaged mom, remember to put yourself first (or at least 2nd or 3rd), and as you get home and your neighbor mentions that they’ve ordered pizza and you’re child hears it, you do your best to ignore all the voices in your head telling you to give into his glee over cheesy pepperoni goodness.  I mean, I could definitely have a piece and choose moderation.  And I can’t live my life hiding from friends and social gatherings because of food.  Right?  This is my life.  I have chosen a healthy lifestyle, but I still struggle.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone struggles.  For the record, this was my situation yesterday.  We passed on pizza because it was Sunday night and we already had a social weekend and I wanted to get my week off to a good start.  Plus, I was tired and the Cowboys were about to play.  And if I really thought about it, giving in to the pizza would be less about giving Dallas a treat and more about losing a little bit of control on my part.  And I recognize that.  I already had a fun weekend and chose a few treats.  I am consciously counting my calories and keeping track of what is going in and don’t want a slippery slope to begin happening.


The whole point of Jessica’s healthy food makeovers for some of my favorite foods is to give me recipes to make so I have healthy meals taste like foods I love, and maybe they don’t taste identical, but my waist line is thanking me.  I’m starting to hunt for healthy recipes, too, and I’m sending yummy ones to her, too!


When I started this journey September 1, I was 272 pounds and a size 20 pant.  I’m down to a size 16 pant and weighed 238 pounds this morning.  34 pounds gone in just under 10 weeks!  This emotional journey is one I’m so glad to have undertaken.  Today is my birthday and as I start my 38th year, I feel proud of myself and hope I continue to inspire all of you!
Here’s a link to the meal plan my sister did for me for my second week.  I’ve mixed and matched my two weeks of meal plans for over 6 weeks of different combinations!  And added recipes, too from the sites she uses for recipes.  Feel free to message her or me with questions about them!  I post pics of my cooking on instagram and fb!  It’s always fun to see the masterpieces I make.  Hope you’ll try them out!

meal plan week 2

– Jen