Happy New Year!!!

January 7, 2017 • By

I wasn’t one for publicly talking about my resolutions or goals this year. I know that if you write your goals down or openly acknowledge them they are more likely to happen. And I am keeping them written down and talking to my closest friends about them. But there is something about making yourself vulnerable to thousands of people when you talk about your dreams and goals and miss them. Not going to lie, last year was somewhat disappointing. Of course I learned a lot, you always do, in fact probably more so from failure than success. But it’s frustrating to have an uncooperative body and an overachieving mind.I will keep you guys abreast of what I’m shooting for as I plan things. And I still of course have a BQ on my mind this year (most likely fall – haha, it may not happen til I’m 40 but it will happen)! As for what’s happening right now, I have good news. I’m running about 30 miles a week without pain (ugh I hate saying that without this keyboard being wood) and really enjoying my runs, especially those with my run group and friends. Speedwise I’m not where I want to be to be racing, but I’m not as slow as I was this past fall. So I guess there is a silver lining.

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I intend to run the Cowtown Half in February but as a training run, considering I’m not exactly in half racing shape after taking one month off after New York. There will be no PRing (me running in the 1:40s has only happened 4 times), so anything in the 1:50s would be fine. I also signed up for my first trail race! The Grasslands Half Trail Race in March. I don’t have any time goals for that, considering it’s my first and I just want to experience what a trail race is like. My girlfriends and I are also signed up to do a wine relay (4.5 miles each) in Fort Worth the week after my trail race. I’m looking forward to all of that and hope you’ll hang in there with me as I make my come back this year!

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