Long Break and Why

October 4, 2017 • By

Many of you that know me personally or from social media may think my recent blogging break may be due to injury. I can’t run therefore I have nothing to blog about. But there’s much more to it than that and I’ll try to quickly explain. (My apologies for the break).

I recently read an article talking about personalities. I’m always intrigued by these. Not sure why. Of course when finished, I knew what I already knew that I’m a type A, need to stop and smell the roses more type, and that got me to thinking. We are raised from a young age to goal set, to learn from mistakes to keep our eye on the prize. Again, all good stuff. But what about for those of us who almost have hyperactive personalities? Not that we ourselves are hyperactive, but that rather than actually take Oprah’s cue to live in the moment, we find every reason to plan for another. When the ability to goal set is hindered due to circumstance, what happens???

Moms, whether working or stay at home, how often do your husbands come home and you think to yourselves or even outwardly say “I felt like I did so much today but when I list it, it doesn’t sound like it?” You list, right? Haha. No, but seriously, I’ve been going through the motions and honestly not knowing what I’m accomplishing! The unknown of whether I’d need foot surgery or if healing conservatively has been working has had me frazzled. Thankfully, I won’t need surgery.


And with no goal? I’m a little lost. When I found out I couldn’t run for a minimum of 4 weeks (now we are moving into 7 weeks off) with my partial plantar plate tear I had a moment of  “no one wants to hear me ramble,” “I have nothing to talk about,” and the biggest “I have nothing to train for anymore,” and that was my biggest stumbling block to writing. Without a goal, I didn’t feel like there was a point. I’ve been trying to pay it forward with “what I’m doing” instagram posts and help others with injury stay motivated and inspired but I, myself, am wondering when I will be doing what I love next? I can get the “no run” sentence from the doc but no one can ever give me the “no plan” sentence. 🙂

My point in writing all of this is to share why I’ve been absent and to share my need to heal so that I can be a better blogger. Some people hate lists, hate the added stress and anxiety of organizing their thoughts and to-dos, but I love it. I also love making goals. Whether exercise/running goals or life goals. Sometimes they get met and sometimes they need adjusting and I suppose right now I’m having to learn a little bit about adjustment.

What are your thoughts on goals? And have you missed me???



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