November Weekday Ab Challenge

November 23, 2015 • By

If you haven’t been following on Instagram or Facebook, then you may not know about the weekday Ab challenge I’ve been holding all month long.  I know a lot of my followers want to do more ab exercises but don’t get around to them or don’t have enough exercises on hand to put into their workout rotation.  So I came up with 21 exercises to do (1 for each weekday of November) and demonstrate them on Facebook each day.


I have included the calendar here so if you didn’t start at the beginning or find this post at a later date, you can adapt the ab exercises for whatever month you start it in.  I also advise on the number of reps and rounds to do, but as you do them, you’ll figure out what is challenging enough for you.

November Ab Challenge

I would love to hear your feedback on this and plan to do more ab challenges in the future (possibly January)!  If I don’t get feedback, I can’t know what I’m doing well or what I can improve upon!  So please comment and let me know!  Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

ab wheel