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These shoes are only $45 for 24 hours!

November 23, 2016 • By

It’s Thanksgiving week! And I know the most important thing this week is to be with family and have gratitude and thanks for those we love!

But, if you do shop this week, online that is, let’s not get crazy, you have to check out the BLACK FRIDAY deals at Jack Rabbit!  Additional 40% of SALE footwear, apparel and accessories with code FIRESIDE!

Today’s 24 hour flash sale is on New Balance footwear! It’s 30% off all NB shoes and that can be up to 80% because some styles are already reduced by 50% like one of my favorite styles, the Vazee Pace! Click here to see the deal! (But it won’t last long)!!! Up to 80% off select New Balance footwear with code NEWBALANCE80



There are plenty of other deals to be found like 25% off Nike Sphere and up to 50% off Brooks running shoes! If you have been a good girl or boy or have a runner in your family that has been, be sure to take advantage of these deals and check JackRabbit’s homepage daily for the blinking banner with the flash sale of the day!!! Black Friday week can be so colorful!

Happy shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!



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Lumo Run

Lumo Run Sensor Review

July 29, 2016 • By

Disclaimer: I received this sensor for free as a part of the Lumo Ambassador program, however the opinions in this blog post are mine and mine alone and have not been controlled or affected by anyone else…

I talk a lot about run form.  Specifically that mine sucks.  Hey, the first step to getting better is admitting the problem. I’ve seen and continue to see numerous doctors, specialists and alternative medicine practitioners about my injuries and they all tell me what I’m doing wrong but outside of rest and time off running, there is never a solution to fix the root of the problems, only patches to put on the symptoms.  So when a company call Lumo Bodytech reached out to me about a product that was supposedly going to help me identify and correct those issues to see if I wanted to test it, I was curious and honestly, a little skeptical. READ MORE


The KOR Project Shirt Giveaway!

July 27, 2016 • By

I know we all have those days.  Where we are running, albeit on the treadmill or outside and we aren’t feeling it.  How cool would it be to look down and see the words you need to hear on your chest.  Keep On Running!  And how cool would it be if your friends had one, too?  To feel part of a movement, something bigger than yourself? Well that’s the aim of the KOR Project and my reasoning for partnering with the founder on this.  I just loved the idea and knew you would, as well!READ MORE



June 23, 2016 • By

I don’t normally post so much in a week so I promise if you subscribe to my newsletters, this is an abnormal week and it is not normally like this. 🙂  I’m usually a once a week blogger so I don’t annoy you too much. But … it’s the last day of my 4 DAYS OF INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAYS so I had to post!!! 🎉🎉🎉 And it’s so awesome that 66audio is giving away one of their BTS wireless workout headsets to one of my lucky followers!!! 👏🎼💪 Wouldn’t it be great to sweat wirelessly?!?!