Santa Rosa Race Report and Napa Visit

August 25, 2015 • By

What a way to run a marathon! Visit Napa Valley for 3 days and then run a full marathon!!! Not exactly the making for a personal best, but definitely the making for a personal favorite vacation. Running, wine, perfect weather, and the perfect person to spend it with. We spent our days wine tasting at gorgeous wineries picking up over 10 bottles along the way, getting tours and enjoying cheeses (well, Dustin did), and deli food. We had a driver on one day and had some great tips from a guy named Local Wally. Our favorites were Miner Family, Cakebread, Hafagen and Black Stallion. Santa Rosa vineyard Looking back, I should have adapted my expectations, due to a blister infection that caused cellulitis in my big toe and had me not running (let alone walking) for 2 straight weeks just 4 weeks before the marathon. WARNING: pics below. I was down and out and my pace definitely suffered. I couldn’t even put a sneaker on during that time because my toenail had to be ripped off. Yay, training in the Texas heat. Blister infection Anyhow, after Napa, we headed to Santa Rosa where we anticipated a decent (sub 4) marathon time. Dustin and I always run fulls together and started off strong but were disappointed by the terrain. Around mile 4 the road shifted to an asphalt trail that was sloped for about 6 miles. One leg had to run at a tilt while the other was on higher ground. It was an out and back type of course so that type of terrain made up for about 12 miles of course and killed our knees and hips. Around mile 22, we both were hurting pretty bad. We lessened our pace significantly and even had to walk a bit. Never before have I walked in a race so I was disappointed about that but we decided as a team to be happy about the race because we physically were spent. And hey, I choose happiness :). We finished together and did 4:13:33, my 5th marathon and second to worst time. It was so awesome that my sister and nephew came to see us finish. They live about an hour and a half away in San Jose. And, a good high school friend from the Sacramento area even drove to meet us for dinner! It was so wonderful to see all these friendly faces out in Cali! So even though the race wasn’t the best, it’s all about the experience, right? Santa Rosa wine tunnel marathon My biggest take aways from this race: DO NOT TRAIN FOR A FULL IN THE SUMMER (IN TEXAS). And also, change your expectations when you hit a hurdle in training. You have to look back on RECENT training times to assess where you’ll be in a race not where you were a month or two ago… Santa Rosa marathon medals