The Week Before 3M

January 18, 2016 • By

Last week was my second full week of running after my 3 week break (I began on Jan 1st).  The coach in me says I probably pushed my mileage a little too fast.  But with a half this coming Sunday, I tried to not push my speed and thankfully nothing besides my calf on my right leg is bothering me.  And that thankfully, is purely muscular.  Hoping to get a massage tomorrow to work the knot out.

Last week’s workouts looked like this:

  • Sunday – 10 miles 8:54 pace
  • Monday – cadence drills during recovery run 4 mile treadmill run 8:50 pace Aimed for 30 steps every 10 seconds (took 10-20 second breaks at natural cadence in between).  Averaged 174 cadence during drills.
  • Tuesday – 7 miles 9:01 pace tried to keep heart rate under 155 bpm

trail runner

  • Wednesday – 45 minute stair climber machine and strength workout
  • Thursday – rest day
  • Friday – 2 mile run/walk assessment with my new client 13:35 pace and then 4 mile treadmill fartlek workout 1.0 incline averaged 8:14 pace.
    • 800m warmup 6.5 mph (9:13 pace)
    • 400m 8.0 mph (7:30 pace)
    • 400m 6.8 mph (8:49 pace) repeat 7 times. 
    • Use last 400m at 8:49 pace as cool down.  
  • Saturday – 5 mile progression run – first 3 miles at easy pace, last 2 miles at HM pace.  Average 8:39 overall pace.running splits

*** Weekly Run Total: 32 miles (6 workouts)

It was a long, rough week as I traveled to San Antonio for a 24 hour trip for my grandfather’s funeral midweek and had the emotional drain that a family death takes on you and your loved ones.  I also cohosted a baby shower Sunday and had 3 kids birthday parties to get Carleigh to.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of the lack of sleep, ramp up in mileage and insane schedule.  My throat is hurting and I’m losing my voice.  Hoping that’s just from talking too much over the weekend and not from my immune system being compromised.  I can’t get sick again!

3M is in less than a week and I am looking forward to the weekend with my friend Jessica just as much as the race!

Sorry, not trying to ramble.  Just wanted to keep a record of what my week looked like and I urge any of you training for anything to do the same.  That way, post race or event, you can look back and see how you trained, how you felt, and what you did, and analyze if the results matched up to the training.  Because you get out what you put in.  You can’t expect a miracle when you don’t put in the work.

Happy Monday everyone!  Promise to be more insightful later this week! 🙂