Thoughts on Weight, Mood, Control and … Faith?

October 28, 2016 • By

I write this post with a tad bit of hesitation because I don’t mean to instill debate on this topic or do anything other than share my opinion. It’s my blog, so I can do that. Read on, or don’t. I’m a huge advocate of treating my body as a temple. I’ve always felt like we only get one, so we need to take care of it. Numerous Bible verses refer to being faithful servants through honoring our bodies and being good to them.

What I think some of us, me being as guilty as any do, is obsess about our bodies. Yes, media blasts it it our face – the pictures of perfection. Models with photoshopped bodies but that’s not what I’ve ever obsessed about (maybe because that would never be attainable). I obsessed about looking fit and not being fat. There, I said it. I’ve always run since high school. It’s been an easy way to keep weight off and eat with relative flexibility. But what I noticed and liked about running was that pursuing competitive running took the focus off looks a little and put it more on performance. It made me feel like if I ever got good or even just accomplished certain distances, my body was doing amazing things!  What I’ve encountered in the process is a community of like minded people with very similar personalities. Everyone says we’re crazy and we all kind of laugh it off. But truly there is something a little unique to us.

I know for me, I need the control. If I injure myself or can’t run for a period of time, the control is taken away and my mood suffers. Why I write about this is because this can be a slippery slope. I only know because I am raising a 7 year old daughter with a scary similar personality to me. I watch her and listen to her and while I want her to have a healthy body, a healthy relationship with food and a healthy love of sports, I don’t want her to feel withdrawn when she can’t run like I do. I don’t want her to feel anger and sadness when she’s injured and I don’t want her to hate her body for it’s incapability or for how it looks. I listened to her talk about how unhealthy certain things are the other day and it made me stop everything and share a handful of Oreos with her to show her that life is meant to be enjoyed, that we are God’s creation and He does not want us doing anything other than living our lives as a reflection of Him and his word.

So what do I do about this? I pray. I am not saying that I have necessarily changed but I have tried to turn my passion into a good thing by sharing it with others. But it definitely borders on obsession sometimes, people. I’m being real. I pray that I will choose God over my sin. And some days I do. Some days, I don’t. I know some of you are trying to lose weight so tracking calories and staying away from Oreos is a good thing! And I will support you 100%! I just felt compelled to write this because this week I’ve heard 3 friends who have no place saying they are fat say they are fat and I thought to myself, how did we get like this? (It’s clearly not just me). If you’re thinking about what you can’t do, or where you aren’t physically, or how far you have to go, or how you don’t look a certain way, you’re wasting life wishing rather than LIVING. Why does a missed workout, a slip up on your healthy lifestyle or an unflattering photograph affect so many of us so much?

All I could come back to was sin. We do not have God living in our heart if we are thinking more about something than we are Him. Period. I’m betting a lot of us are this way. I don’t have a huge answer aside from to be aware of it. And pray about it. I hate that so many people feel so unworthy in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to stop motivating and inspiring others and still strive to be a better runner! I do! I think self improvement and goals are fantastic!!! I was just praying this morning and thinking about things. And when I was thinking about the sins to ask forgiveness for, this all came up.  The line between inspiration and obsession can be a thin one, so I just want to keep perspective. So many great messages, inspiration and motivation can come from people who live healthy, well-rounded lifestyles. So let’s adopt a little bit healthier mindset to match.

Would love to hear your thoughts.



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