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What Are Roads Without Bumps?

February 2, 2017 • By

January is over! And me, supposed blogger-extraordinaire, only blogged one time! My apologies. Not that you probably even noticed until I mentioned it but to be honest, I had a busy month.

Not just training-wise, though I had a fabulous month of workouts!

sunny run

155 miles run

4.5 miles swam

8 strength workouts

and 23 days of core workouts

It felt good to do more than “just run.”

But the month was also filled with medical testing. I had 3 appointments to get bloodwork done, a sonogram done on my kidney and bladder, urine and BUN testing, and a kidney biopsy done just yesterday. I’ve been having some issues for some time with my kidneys (unbeknownst to me until December) where my creatinine levels were high and my eGFR levels were decreasing to the point of stage 3 kidney disease a. We had them checked a multitude of times to be sure there wasn’t an error in testing and also had my current medications and activity level and diet laid out to be inspected to see if there was an issue because of any of that. There wasn’t. The sonogram and other testing did not give my nephrologist concrete reason as to why my kidneys are failing so the kidney biopsy was ordered. This will for sure tell what is going on internally.

jessrunsblessed hospital

kidney biopsy

Not to scare everyone. People function fine with stage 3 kidney disease. We just have to work at preserving what’s left of the kidney function I have left and prevent it from getting worse. I find out the results next Friday but in the meantime, if I’m a bit quiet, that’s why! Thanks for your support!


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