Where I’ve Been and Where Did Summer Go?

August 16, 2016 • By

It’s been a crazy few weeks for me.  I’m not complaining, trust me but that’s why I haven’t been as active with my blogging. 

After planning a huge sleepover party for my 7 year old’s birthday (it was a hit), we went to San Antonio to see family for a few days before I headed out to Las Vegas for a fun trip with my sister-in-law.  I actually did get in some runs to keep up with my marathon training!  But wow, were they eventful.  The first day it rained.  In Vegas? What the what,right?  fashion show mall runningThen on my run the next morning, a robbery/shooting had happened that morning and when I was running on the side streets of the Wynn Hotel, cops told me to “get back” because one of the suspects was still at large!!!vegas strip running

We then met back up with our kids at the lake, a little ways from San Antonio, during which I was so proud of myself for waking before dawn for my long run.  Not even a half mile in, I suffered a dog attack by a pit bull, bull mastiff and labrador!  Yes, you read right.  A labrador group attacked me. The bull mastiff bit me on the behind and broke the skin! It bruised up immediately and obvioulsy I did not keep running. dog attack I cleaned the wound up and headed into the nearest town to do the long run on the treadmill (it was only 10 miles) and then reported the dog attack to the local lake’s sherriff department.  Get this, in between my attack and returning from the gym, the dog had bit someone else! I felt awful for not reporting it immediately!!!

We headed back to Trophy Club for 2 days before flying out this past Wednesday for Seattle. I wish we’d had longer to spend there as I fell in love with the city!seattleWe spent a day and a half there and then headed on to Vancouver for a fun 4 days of shopping, friends, eating, drinking and oh, ya, the Seawheeze Half Marathon (recap on that to come this week). vancouver seawall run

So hopefully you can forgive me for my absence.  I’m in the thick of marathon training for NYC. Knocked out 8 miles on the mill today and my hips hurt so I took the pace super easy (9:52/mile).  A little nervous because I don’t feel 100%. But my coach has a good conservative plan for me, and my goal right now is just to run it strong. I don’t know that this is the year for qualify for Boston (I have 12 weeks to see), but I do badly want to run confidently and feel prepared!

And speaking of preparation, not only do I have all this running to stay on top of but OMG, school is starting for my 2nd grader Monday! My 4 year old doesn’t begin preschool for a few weeks, but man, the summer just flew by!!! I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun.  Are you all happy the new school year is coming or sad???



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