5 Things to Try Right Now!

October 26, 2017 • By

I was wondering what to blog about and thought about what I would stop to actually read. I thought about my workouts and while I know you guys love quick tips and moves, I doubt you all care about my weekly recaps. Maybe you do… I actually have been thinking alot about how social media is taking over the world of blogging. Thankfully I blog a lot for me, so I can look back at my races and progress, so if no one reads these posts that’s okay, too. But as for what I was thinking about today I thought I would do a pay it forward post on 5 things I’ve learned that I think may benefit you! So read on if interested …

  1. Car line abs – (or anywhere your car is in park or your body is seated for 5 minutes or longer). Lean your upper body back, stabilize your core, lift your feet off the floor and hold. You can either do these like planks and hold for a specific time (i.e. 30 seconds or a minute, rest and do another set or two or three), or do them as mini leg lifts. It will be a tiny move considering the space you have. You’ll have to really concentrate on contracting your core the whole time and hollowing your belly to get the full benefit of the crunch when you lift those legs in the small movement (say 3 sets of 20 at your desk or in your car while it’s parked). Do as many sets as you can for as long as you can and make use of that sitting time!!! Don’t say you don’t have time to do abs!
  2. Lift your tongue up to the roof of your mouth to eliminate your turkey neck when posing for your next photo. Seriously, try it right now. Yep, your gobble is gone. (If you’re under 30, you have no idea yet…). This is a game changer, ladies and gents. 🙂
  3. Add cinnamon to your coffee instead of fake sugar. It tastes great, only has 6 calories per teaspoon and some studies show it may boost your metabolism (it may not, but who knows, think positively).
  4. Stand, don’t sit. If you do mostly sitting at your job, try standing and don’t be shy when you tell your coworkers why. Aim for 3 hours of standing per 8-9 hour work day. It may not sound like much, but it adds up to about 50 calories an hour. Over the course of five days per week, that’s a 750 calorie burn. In a year, you’d torch 30,000 calories, equal to 8 pounds of fat!
  5. Do 10 pushups before every meal for a week. Just try it. Remember what boosts your metabolism – muscle!

Happy Thursday!!! Hope you’ll try these!



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