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March 28, 2017 • By

*** Disclaimer: I received these shoes free of charge as part of my partnership with JackRabbit. My opinions and review are all mine and are not influenced by JackRabbit or Adidas in any manner. ***

If you’re thinking, I don’t overpronate, I shouldn’t read this … keep reading. Because in a nutshell I really think these are cushioned neutrals with some stability features but not the typical rigidity or pronation control. I was pretty excited to try the  out. I’d heard about their luxury reputation but given that I didn’t have success with the Ultraboost (not ST) in the past, I hadn’t bit the bullet on these for fear I’d have some of the same problems. I’m getting resigned to the fact that I either need stability shoes or need orthotics/inserts in my neutrals (as I’ve mentioned before). My podiatrist told me the other day I’m like an old Toyota with 200,000 miles on her whose never gotten her tires rotated (speaking of my feet). Damn, I miss my days as a new Prius.

Anyhow you’ve got what you’ve got and you don’t throw a fit, (only moms will get that). So speaking of shoes and feet when you read my reviews I always want you to read them with a grain of salt and with the thought of what YOUR feet are like in comparison to mine. Because like clothing, some shoes can work or not work for me but be awful or great for others. I try to pick pairs in partnership with JackRabbit knowing my limitations and issues. (notice they aren’t sending me 6 oz. racing flats)

So having been running in the HokaOneOne Arahis for the past month I was interested to see how Adidas’ stability shoe compared. Let me say … it is different but similar. It has many of the same stability components (or similar ones) and though heavier, you don’t feel the weight difference. The upper was much more breathable and the toe box was as wide if not wider than the Arahi. One interesting note that I alluded to in my intro: I was unable to run in these without my insoles (immediately began running duck footed) so I believe they have a bit less rigidity than the Arahis and is not a true stability shoe. Then again, (and remember these are my feet) I’m an excessive overpronator. Once I got my CurrexSoles in I was good to go and they seemed to function as promised.

Here are the specs:

Shoe Details

  • Weight : 10.3 ounces (Women’s size 8). 11.1 Ounces (Men’s size 9),
  • Shoe Category: Stability
  • Offset: 8mm heel to toe drop
  • Forefoot Width: Medium
  • Forefoot Height: 20mm forefoot height
  • Heel Height: 28mm heel height


UltraBoost ST Initial Impression

I sound like a broken record here with my reviews but I haven’t bought an Adidas shoe since 2015 when the UltraBoosts were the hot new shoe that year – I remember freaking about spending so much on shoes but with the promise of longevity, I went for it. The hard plastic outer on the upper midfoot beat my feet (um, er, bunions) up within 20 miles of wear and I had to return them. I was so bummed out because so many loved them. Thankfully I was able to but I really haven’t considered Adidas since.

My Electric Purple Ultraboosts in 2015

When I got the STs, I wanted to see what made them the premiere luxury running shoe and what made them $180. They feature Boost foam, PrimeKnit upper, Continental outsoles and a “torsion system” all designed to set them apart.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Adidas PrimeKnit all over the exterior of the shoe. No worries needed about blistering or rubbing. And uber comfortable! Having had knit upper shoes before I was actually worried they’d be too “sock-like.” When you suffer with bunions, having a shoe that sucks against them is not a nice feeling. But Adidas has a sewn-in stiff material that keeps the soft upper from collapsing around your foot so you don’t feel suffocated. (I’ve always said I have issues). My only issue with the exterior of this shoe is getting it on. It has a long heel tab on the back and a pull loop on the padded tongue to help pull it on but it’s not as easy as most. Conversely, there is no heel slippage because of this.

The Boost Foam is touted to give Boost shoes cushioned rides like no other. I ran in them without my insoles on my first run and while they felt super soft, I definitely think most shoe makers marketing cushioned shoes are catching on to this though they use other technology. Don’t get me wrong, it was a super soft ride, maybe a smidge more than the Arahis and definitely more than my Dynaflytes. I unfortunately had to put my insoles in and that stiffens up the feel for me.

Continental (the same people who make bike and car tires) made the ST outsole and give this shoe it’s durability reputation. An efficient runner can make this shoes last over 300 miles before wearing down the foam.  The outsole  has a windowed design made of a single sheet of rubber, that exposes the Boost foam above it.

The “Torsion System” which is a bridge of plastic under the midfoot embedded in the shoe. It reduces twisting motions of the shoe, which keeps the forefoot and rearfoot from bothering each other. I have to say I NEED and LOVE this aspect of the shoe. I’m excited to see the wear I do on the forefoot of the ST compared to other shoes(hoping the torsion system helps).

It comes in several color options for the ladies (I chose the blue/pink surprise surprise) and men (if I could get men’s sizing right for me, I’d totally get the black/grey for myself,too!) No wide width available on this shoe but clearly none needed.

Running in the UltraBoost ST

I’ve only run in the UltraBoost ST for 5 runs, one of which I realized I needed my insoles. But after that initial 6 miler, I’ve done a longish run (10 miles), 6 miles of speed work, a 4.5 mile race, and another 6 miler in them and really enjoyed them!

Remember that wide toebox I told you about? Well, it does make for a weird bubble when I cinch the laces. Gasp, my feet actually needing tightening in the forefeet … never!!! Looks a little bizarre but didn’t affect anything performance wise. Some people actually suggest sizing down 1/2 size in this shoe. The bubble doesn’t bother me, so I wouldn’t do that because of my desire for space up there.


If you are a slight overpronator (I don’t think this is a true stability shoe) who like cushion and comfort, consider the Adidas UltraBoost ST. Or if you are a neutral and need more cushion due to mileage, definititely give this shoe a go. Excessive overpronators like me can fall in love with these with the addition of your inserts/orthotics. Prepare to not want to take them off! #endlessenergyboost #jackrabbitruns

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