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Move of the Week

Move of the Week

Ab Move of the Week!

June 20, 2016 • By

Ready for an ab move that will get you super sore and only require one exercise?

After your treadmill run (or just hop on the treadmill):

1) grab the side rails and get in a forearm plank position.

2) Keeping the treadmill OFF and using the belt for resistance bring your feet to your hands bending at the waist so you’re knees touch your nose (or close).  My hamstrings are super tight so I bend a bit.

3) Continue the move for 10 reps

4) Rest 30 seconds – 1 minute between sets. Repeat exercise 3 times.

Enjoy the burn!


Move of the Week

Move of the Week: Tricep / Ab Combo

October 19, 2015 • By

You’ll need a scooter board and a medicine ball and a towel (or carpeted area).

The goal of this exercise is to do these two moves in a combination fashion without much rest at all in between.  The first exercise is a switch arm medicine ball push up using a medicine ball and keeping your feet on a scooter board.   You should feel this in your triceps and your entire core due to the instability of holding the scooter board in place and holding the plank motion. Aim to do 8-10 reps.