What My Stomach Looks Like Unflexed

June 22, 2016 • By

Maybe you don’t wonder but a few people have asked me, “does your stomach look like it looks in pictures when relaxed?”  The answer is “no.” 🙂

I, like the rest of you (or most), prefer to post and take pictures that are the most flattering of me (or at least mostly).  We all like to put our best foot forward.  But here’s the reality, when not tightened or “pulled in” or “flexed,” my stomach is much softer than it appears.  Yes, you can still see my muscles underneath, but I just wanted to be REAL and let you guys know that most people, even those with low body fat, do not look like they look in photographs always.  But you already knew that, right???

abs unflexed

Shown above relaxed.  No filters or editing done to this pic.


abs flexed

Shown with abs pulled in toward back (the best way I can describe flexing or tightening the abdominals to people). No filters or editing done to this picture.

I’m not at my leanest right now but definitely about “normal” for me and feel comfortable in my skin. Whether you have a 6 pack or a keg or something in between, I hope you find comfort in yours, too!