Good News

October 21, 2016 • By

I had my MRI for my left hip Tuesday and the reading with my orthopedist Thursday and got great news. As I suspected, there was no stress reaction or fracture! The spot the doctor saw on X-ray was from my old fracture. The only think hip related he saw was my ball and socket joint was a tad loose and I had trochanteric bursitis. He said it can be a very debilitating pain which explains why I’ve been down and out for a while. He gave me a steroid injection into the bursa sac and said I should feel relief within the next few days. If not, to check back.

steroid shot

The other thing he saw, complete non -ortho related was a 5.2 cm ovarian cyst (the size of an orange). He couldn’t tell whether it was complex or simple but since I just had an ultrasound performed a month ago by my obgyn, he wants me to get it checked out within a month. It’s probably benign but it explains my bloating, discomfort and pain I’ve been having for some time.

As for running, he gave me the go ahead to run NYC, and said I could start back as soon as I feel up to it. He said I’m not hurting anything by running with bursitis. Yay!!! My hip is pretty sore from the shot but hoping this will get me through the race with much less pain. I’m not expecting to crush it or anything but a week ago I was having a tough time getting through 5 miles. Just wanted to fill you in!



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