October 25, 2015 • By

We all have people that inspire us.  Just as I hope to inspire others, there are so many people that inspire me on a daily basis.  Some are people that I only know via the internet that I feel like I know because of their blogs, but some are old friends, some are new friends, and some are just acquaintances who’ve still touched me in some way.

Sometimes that has been through fitness. I get encouraged and motivated by these people and feel like I can do more because of their incredible tenacity and capability at their sport.

Sometimes it’s life. I feel like I can keep going because what I’m going through is not nearly as rough as what they’re going through. Some of these same people are the best at keeping it real. And I love that.

Sometimes it has been through spirituality. I enjoy being uplifted and encouraged to walk a better walk with Christ because of them.

I would name them all, but I’d lose all of you reading this because the list would look like a small Facebook friends list. Basically, if we talk on a regular basis, or if I like or comment on your photos on FB or Instagram, or if I like your workouts on Mapmyrun, you’re impacting my life in some way. I care enough to click the button and I enjoy seeing what you’re doing.

My point in writing this is to say it’s so wonderful to be filled with daily inspiration. I love feeling inspired and hope you do, too!

Feeling blessed,