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Today’s post will likely hit home for most of you. Ches and I connected through Instagram. He found my page and thought that that his message was perfect for me (this Boston goal is taking a little longer than anticipated with all the bumps in the road). I agreed and thought it would also be great for my followers so his post below allows you to learn a little bit more about the meaning behind The KOR Project.

Guest post from The KOR Project creator and founder:

Today during my morning run I heard this quote, “I will not quit because the size of my vision leaves no room in my life to entertain the thought of giving up.”

This lead me to the topic of this post, NEVER GIVING UP.

Close your eyes and ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. If you could do anything in the world right now, what would it be?
  2. AND then, ask yourself if you have ever attempted to do it or are you working towards it?

Many of us are fearful of failure. And it is the fear of failing that halts us from doing the things that we really want to do. BUT failure is more beneficial than we think. We learn more from our failures than we do from our successes.

Face it, many of us have failed at certain things in our life or we are going to fail in the future. But it is what we do with our failures that really matter. We can either learn from them and continue on stronger or we can give in and give up. May I suggest learning from your failures and keep pushing forward…

Here is why– let me paint a scenario for you:

You’re in your car, driving a normal route that you take to the grocery store. While driving one of the normal roads you take is closed for construction. There is a detour sign directing you to take another route. This route you have never been on and the road isn’t paved like the one you are accustom to, it is a dirt road and filled with bumps and rough terrain. But once you get through that rough road it still gets you to the grocery store.

You see, what I’m trying to portray here is that in life, no matter what it is we are working towards there are going to be obstacles, road blocks, difficult times, but at the end of the day — as long as we keep moving forward and we don’t let these uncomfortable situations discourage us, we will eventually get to our destination.

Going back to the 2 questions in the beginning of this post:

  • If you could do anything in the world right now, what would it be?
  • And then, ask yourself if you have ever attempted to do it or are you working towards it?

I asked these two questions because I asked myself this 4 months ago. I knew I wanted to create a social good project that would help motivate others to never give up on their goals. I made up every excuse and blamed everyone around me for reasons why I couldn’t do it. But the problem didn’t lie in the excuses or the people around me, the problem was me. I needed to change.

“If you have a dream, never give up. But if you want your life to change, you have to change yourself.”

On May 11th, 2016 I told myself it was time for a change and I started to work towards this goal. Fast forward to the present day as you’re reading this now and that social good project that was just an idea 4 months ago is now known as THE KOR PROJECT. A project dedicated to sparking the running community with motivation, one upside down shirt & act at a time.


To learn more about THE KOR PROJECT, the upside down shirt (click here to learn why it is upside down), and motivational acts:

Remember this, “there are a number of ways to succeed but there is only one way to fail and that’s by giving up.”

“Have the trust in yourself to start and have the faith in yourself to finish.”

-Ches, Creator + Founder | THE KOR PROJECT

Instagram: @thekorproject

Twitter: @thekorproject



*** Do you want to win a KOR shirt or tank? If so enter the KOR PROJECT/JESSRUNSBLESSED Giveaway!  It will be running on Instagram beginning tomorrow but post a comment below about why you will never give up and you can gain an extra entry here on my blog (or if you aren’t on Instagram, this makes you eligible). We will pool all entries and draw a lucky winner Friday, July 29th! More details to come tomorrow on Instagram!!!

Oh, and never give up!



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