Running Goldilocks – How the Clifton 3 Fits

July 22, 2016 • By

You know the “Goldilocks” story, I assume.  The little girl stumbles into a house in the forest and finds porridge, of which one is too hot, one is too cold and one is “just right.”  She then finds three chairs and sits in two of which don’t fit her right but finally one of which is the perfect “just right” fit. She grew tired and found three beds of which one is too big, one is too small and the last is “just right.”  The rest of the story isn’t relevant for this post (bless her heart), but finding the “just right” fit is!

shoe pile

I’ve been running for 20 years. Not always racing, but running. And I’ve always been on the “hunt.” The shoe hunt that is- just call me running Goldilocks. I have wide forefeet, bunions, narrow heels, a longer second toe, collapsing arches and according to my podiatrist and physical therapist, I overpronate excessively (end stage overpronator).  Crazy that I never got a foot modeling gig … haha.  Seriously, though, if you’ve never had a gait analysis, I highly recommend one. Otherwise, you’re blinding stabbing in the dark when selecting a shoe.  I blister a lot on the insides of my big toe and my bunions (where my feet overpronate). This is even with custom $400 orthotics in my shoes.  So what am I getting at?

Knowing your foot FIRST and then selecting a shoe to fit your needs is best in my opinion.  Selecting the shoe first without this knowledge and having Cinderella’s sister syndrome (I hope the shoe fits) results in lots of unwearable shoes and unhappy feet.  Take it from me. I’ve currently got 9 pairs of sneakers in my closet (just reduced from 20), of which I can honestly say I wear 3 comfortably.closet

The newest of those, the HokaOneOne Clifton 3 is like the “just right” of my shoe trials. With custom orthotics, I need a neutral shoe. Check. But my favorites of my other sneakers are super light weight, which I love for running. The Clifton 3 is, too. Check. I also need more cushion than those light weight sneakers because of my pronation issues, tendancy to blister, and long mileage runs.  The Clifton 3 delivers there, too. Check.  And my blisters?  Not happening in the Clifton 3! It’s a miracle for my foot. Hoka Clifton 3

Does this mean the Clifton 3 is right for YOUR foot? No. It’s a neutral, light weight shoe with a .5mm drop.  It looks like a lot of shoe but doesn’t feel like it.  It has changed since the Clifton 2, so definitely try it out if you are a Hoka fan and an original Clifton lover.  If you need a motion control or stability shoe, it’s not for you, and that’s okay. But I hope you find something “just right” for your feet, too!!! It’s been a long time coming for me!




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