Cowtown 10k Race Recap

March 2, 2016 • By

6 miles.  Probably the distance I run the most in training, but the distance I race the least.  Why?  Because it’s so difficult to pace.  Kind of like the marathon.  I tend to start too fast and sputter out around mile 4.cowtown runner


This past Saturday at the Cowtown 10k, I was true to form.  I tried to keep up with Dustin and started too fast and couldn’t keep it up.


The first mile had a hill, but after that it was relatively flat. Our splits were (according to my watch):

Mile 1 7:52

Mile 2 7:24

Mile 3 7:48

Mile 4 8:04

Mile 5 8:13

Mile 6 8:23

.3 2:23

Overall 50:14 7:58/mile pace

garmin forerunner 225

This differed a bit from the official Cowtown timing because my watch had us at 6.3 miles instead of 6.2.  Still I placed 8th out of 260 in my division.  Not too shabby.

cowtown 10k results

Dustin was a trooper and stuck with me even though at about mile 4-4.5 I just fell apart.  I couldn’t hold the pace.  Weird thing was, when I looked at my heart rate post race, I averaged 156 bpm!  That’s just entering zone 2 for me!  So strange!!!

cowtwon running couple

Nevertheless, I felt as though I gave it my all and that’s what counts.  I just didn’t give it my all in the right order.  I would have loved to race properly and seen negative splits but I am very inexperienced racing 10ks.  I’m excited to race more of them and watch my time improve.  I wasn’t too off where I should have been.  My projected 10k pace is 7:47/mile based on where I am at currently with my 5k pace (7:26/mile).

cowtown couple

It was such a big, fun race and it was great to see my friend Jessica place 3rd overall for the females in the 10k and our other friend Elizabeth win the 5k for females in a monumental weekend for her (she also won the Ultra).

jessica and me

Next up on my race agenda is Dash Down Greenville 5k in two weeks where I’m hoping to pace better!  What about you all?  How would you rate your pacing ability?  Any suggestions for me?