Form Follows Fitness 5K Race Recap

February 26, 2016 • By

I don’t race 5ks often.  Not because I don’t like them.  But because I don’t really consider myself fast.  I would like to be, but it’s hard to be in 5k shape as well as marathon shape.  The muscle fibers in your legs needed to be endured, as well as speedy are different.  It isn’t impossible, just not something I’ve ever really worked at.

So when I had the opportunity to race the Form Follows Fitness 5k for Run On!, I took it!  I had no idea how I’d do since I hadn’t raced a 5k since DRC 3.5 months prior but I figured I’d give it my all.  My estimate lately about my 5k pace has been 7:30 pace.

I got to the race and met up with LGRAW friends John and Sandie, both of whom are way faster than me.  Sandie was going to pace her husband Aaron and I was hoping to stick with them (or close) during the race.  John would smoke us (and he is 51).  It was mild out – about 53 degrees and super humid.  I kept thinking it felt like San Antonio.  But definitely nice for February.

Maybe it was the 1.5 mile 8:00 warmup I did with John (lol warmup) but the race seemed hard to me!  As in it seemed to gradually gain incline as it went on.  And it ended on a freaking hill!!!  So my splits were awful.  But luckily, my speedy friends all had positive splits, too, which confirmed my thoughts about the course.  I tried to stick with Sandie and Aaron but they clocked about a 6:30 mile the first mile.  I saw them but could not keep up.  I really wanted a sub 23 time.  I clocked a 23:06. (7:26/mile) Almost.  I got 3rd in my age group though, so that was super exciting!  3rd/166!  I am pretty happy with that.  And I have a renewed sense of wanting to get faster at short distances!  So PRing my 5k will happen before the year is over…

award pic

form follows fitness results


My friends did amazing, too.  Sandie and Aaron ran 20:55 (Sandie got 1st in our age group) and John got 2nd in his age group with a 19:02!  Love that I’m surrounded by such awesomeness!

friend runners awards

As for what’s next, I have the Cowtown 10k tomorrow!  I have run fewer than 5 10k races in my lifetime, even though 6 miles is the distance I probably run the most frequently.  So it will be fun to see how I do.

What is everyone else running or doing this weekend?