New Week – New news!

February 8, 2016 • By

I’ve been bad this past week about blogging.  The Valentine’s week for my daughter was hectic and we had fairy tale ball.  “Mom” role took precedence and I delighted in it, though that meant keeping up with this took a back seat.  Oh, and redecorating our family room has been a big time squasher!  But oh so fun!!!

Big news for the week.  Not only did I get back to a 30 mile run week, but I picked a spring race to train for!  My “PR half” to train for!  Drum roll… Sunday, April 10th… Big D Half.  It’s 9 weeks away and Dustin agreed to run it with me.  So I have a partner to sort of train with (unfortunately we can’t do our long runs together, but at least I can give him the training plan and we can hold each other accountable) and the best thing is he can help pace me!


My goal will just be to beat my PR of 1:45, (which I only recently got semi close to by getting into the 1:40s back in October at That Dam Half, but not mid 1:40s).  So we’ll see. Speed work and strength runs will be important and most importantly listening to my body! And at the end of this month we’ll run the Cowtown 10K race, too.  That will be fun!

big d half entry

I’ll post more this week about my runs!  I hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl weekend!