Guest Post – Helpful Strength Tips for Tight Glutes and Hips

November 12, 2015 • By

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I asked my followers what the biggest struggle they have in the strength training department was.  ABS and HIPS were the resounding answers to what we as runners, neglect the most!  So my good friend from my San Antonio days, Sarah, from Happy Fit Sarah agreed to come up with a quick Hip/Glute workout for us.  I gave this a try this morning and considering I suffer with High Hamstring Tendinopathy and IT Band Syndrome … was already feeling it midway through the workout!  I encourage you all to try it out and let me know what you think!  It’s definitely going to be incorporated into my weekly training because strengthening my muscle imbalances will make me a stronger runner!

Hi Everyone,  my name is Sarah and I’ve known Jess for the several years through a mutual love of running.  My fitness career originally started with marathon training in 2005.  I’ve completed 4 full marathons, as well as several 1/2’s, but after having a baby in 2011, I decided to focus on resistance training and hang up my long distance shoes so to speak.  I moved on to fitness competitions and translated my love of weightlifting into ISSA Certifications in both personal training and nutrition.

Many women attribute glute and hip strength moves with soley building a curvier backside.  While that’s a definite perk, our glute and hip muscles also provide much needed structural support during high impact sports, like running or crossfit.  Let’s focus on building those small muscle groups to give you the strength you need to get through your long runs with no pain.

This circuit focuses the first half of the moves on the outer hip/thigh area and the 2nd half of the workout focuses on glutes.  You’ll need a resistance band, a kettlebell or dumbbell, and a mat.  You’ll complete each exercise for 12-15 reps, take a 30 second rest between exercises if needed, then repeat the circuit 2 more times.  It should take no more than 20 minutes to complete if keeping rests to a minium.


3 Rounds of 12-15 Reps for Each Leg:

Curtsy Lunges w/Lateral Leg Raise

Dirty Dogs w/Resistance Bands

Standing Lateral Leg Raises w/Resistance Band

Glute Bridges w/Resistance Bands

Pistol Squats

Single Leg Deadlifts with Kettlebell

If you’re feeling up to it, finish with what I like to call a “burn out” of banded glute walks, 10 on each leg.  Burn outs or finishers like these are striving to utilize that last bit of energy out of the muscle.  These can help you discover muscle imbalances or weaknesses to focus on your next workout.

I’d love to hear your feedback on these moves!

Thanks so much Jess for giving me the chance to post, now go work on those glutes!

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Sarah is an ISSA certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and owner of  She is passionate about empowering women to get fit and on the road to a happy healthy life. When she’s not training clients or lifting weights, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her 4yr old, and buying far too many workout clothes.