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Hoka One One Arahi Shoe Review

March 8, 2017 • By

*** Disclaimer: I received these shoes free of charge as part of my partnership with JackRabbit. My opinions and review are all mine and are not influenced by JackRabbit or Hoka One One in any manner. ***

Have you ever wondered, am I wearing the right shoes? I, a seasoned runner for 20+ years wonder that at times, too. I know a lot about injury and feet because I feel like I’ve had it all but when it comes to shoes and what works for me, it’s often like Cinderella’s glass slipper trying to find the perfect fit.

With running shoes there are so many terms and types, too. Consider how much you run, where you mostly run and how you run. How you run means how your foot strikes when it hits the ground during your natural gait. There are neutral, motion control, stability, trail shoes and racers, and some people even break them down even more. Hoka One One is a brand for all runners, from joggers to elite athletes looking to improve their performance. Hoka just released their lightest shoe within the maximum support category, the Hoka One One Arahi. It’s technically a stability shoe so some people may think “it’s not for me.” READ MORE

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2017 Cowtown Half Marathon Race Recap

March 1, 2017 • By

This past Sunday I had the awesome experience of running the Cowtown Half marathon! Not only did I get to run it, I ran it with one of my best girl friends, Amanda Brewer. She is such a talented runner and she opted to run it by my side and I’m so grateful to her for sticking by me when she could have gone ahead! We had such a great race and honestly ran faster than I thought we would have run given my training of late with my acute kidney failure and lack of speed training. I am so thankful to Muscle Milk for their sponsorship and for the ability to represent Team Maddie and raise awareness for organ donorship.READ MORE

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Kidney Biopsy Reading

February 17, 2017 • By

I had my biopsy results this past Friday and got as good as news as any.  My nephrologist said the pathologist found ischemic acute tubular necrosis … this sounds bad, but is the most common cause of renal failure and is reversible! READ MORE


Athletes Collective Men’s Athleticwear Review and Coupon

February 3, 2017 • By

Disclaimer: Jessrunsblessed (my husband) was given free product in exchange for writing this product review. All opinions are my own and are not subject to approval from the AthletesCollective.

My closet and drawers are lined with Lululemon, Athleta, Pheel, and premium women’s active wear. You’ll rarely see me recycle an outfit in the same month. Fashion met function for me in running and working out long ago.

But my husband? If it weren’t for the Lululemon menswear purchases I’ve made for him (many of which I’ve received lectures on because of my spending), he would be in the same knit gym shorts he wore when I met him and hole filled tshirts from high school. His reasoning is that since he hasn’t changed sizes he doesn’t need anything new.READ MORE